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Your Assumptions are Killing You!

Don’t Assume – Know Through Testing

When you purchase a food item believing that it will feed you or satisfy a personal body need- if it is not based upon your direct experience as having satisfied your personal needs then you are acting on an assumption. And you are assuming it will satisfy that need again. When you purchase a vitamin, […]

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Managing and Measuring Your Wellness

Evaluate Function via Muscle Testing

The management of conditions in the human body requires some method of measurement, or assessment, so practitioners can determine whether or not a person’s health is progressing. Measurements of physical health include blood pressure, blood chemistry, hard and soft tissue form and function, direct eye observation, weight, volume, and more.

Energetically, the body and its functions may […]

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  • Potato Chips

I Just Want Potato Chips!

Dear Health Seeker: Industry lies, your body does not.

Your natural instincts and urges are the truth of your body, but the food industry has given you counterfeit solutions to satisfy your needs, leading you to poor health outcomes.

We assume that the food items at the local market are not only safe but good food because they are nicely packaged and […]

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  • High Cost of Disease Care

The High Cost of Disease Care

Economic Reasons to be Well

A patient whose wife is treating lymphoma, was commenting on the three hypodermic syringes of medication he was placing in his refrigerator for her treatment. They were (and this is true) $10K a piece! This is scary, absurd, and overwhelming. Heart bypasses are around $80K, coronary stents are about $24K and angiograms are about the same! […]

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