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  • Remote Healing

How Remote Healing Works

Remote Healing

There are two major domains of science. The Newtonian linear domain accounts for all the things that you see around you and feel and perceive with the five senses. The Quantum physical realm consists primarily of everything else and is more than 99.9% of your universe. It is all the stuff you don’t see. Ultimately the finest definitions in […]

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  • Lady Business - Feeling Crappy

Your Assumptions are Killing You!

Don’t Assume – Know Through Testing

When you purchase a food item believing that it will feed you or satisfy a personal body need- if it is not based upon your direct experience as having satisfied your personal needs then you are acting on an assumption. And you are assuming it will satisfy that need again. When you purchase a vitamin, […]

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You Look Great for Your Age!

How You Look is a Reflection of Your Inner Health

Who doesn’t love hearing that? It means your self-care, which includes good diet, exercise, rest and vitamins, is paying off, giving you a youthful appearance. Ah, life is good.

Unfortunately, sometimes we hear instead, “you look tired.” Lack of sleep or exercise and poor diet can lead to you feeling run-down and […]

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Manage Your Health Now or Manage Your Disease Later

Make Health Management a Priority

You and I have a problem. The system of healthcare, more correctly called disease care, is a linear, profit-based corporate business. It only exists to serve you if you have an identifiable disease for which it creates an intervention of drugs, surgery, or toxic protocol, which creates a profit for the industry. The diseases that […]

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Managing and Measuring Your Wellness

Evaluate Function via Muscle Testing

The management of conditions in the human body requires some method of measurement, or assessment, so practitioners can determine whether or not a person’s health is progressing. Measurements of physical health include blood pressure, blood chemistry, hard and soft tissue form and function, direct eye observation, weight, volume, and more.

Energetically, the body and its functions may […]

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  • Potato Chips

I Just Want Potato Chips!

Dear Health Seeker: Industry lies, your body does not.

Your natural instincts and urges are the truth of your body, but the food industry has given you counterfeit solutions to satisfy your needs, leading you to poor health outcomes.

We assume that the food items at the local market are not only safe but good food because they are nicely packaged and […]

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  • Embrace Your Wellness

Embrace Your Own Wellness

Healthy Mind and Body

What is wellness? The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. Also, an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

“I feel fine.” I hear this in my practice all the time, but the truth is the body is […]

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  • Brain and Body

Brain-Body Integration

The Core of True Wellness

When the brain and body are totally integrated, it is easy for a person to maintain spatial orientation, balance, sit or stand tall and erect, maintain evenness in the gait while walking or running, and be aware of and respond to surrounding situations.

When the brain and body are not totally integrated, the way our brains process […]

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  • Porter Wellness Supplements

Testing Nutritional Supplements

Vitamins – Are They all the Same?

Imagine you’re looking at six different brands of B vitamins on the shelf at the store. How do you know which one, or any one? Or, worse, your best friend won’t stop pestering you with some multi-level marketing product that will “change your life” (and his pocketbook). You can’t deny his Aunt Mary’s miracle […]

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  • High Cost of Disease Care

The High Cost of Disease Care

Economic Reasons to be Well

A patient whose wife is treating lymphoma, was commenting on the three hypodermic syringes of medication he was placing in his refrigerator for her treatment. They were (and this is true) $10K a piece! This is scary, absurd, and overwhelming. Heart bypasses are around $80K, coronary stents are about $24K and angiograms are about the same! […]

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