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Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance is more common in middle years yet it is important to consider all ages regarding hormonal balance. Deficiencies or excesses in the body’s hormones can disrupt the orchestra of chemistry in the body causing it and you to get “out of tune”. There are numerous products available to aid the body in achieving balance. Needs can be determined using blood or saliva testing, or the uncomplicated issues may be tested and resolved using muscle response testing or Bioenergetic tests. Neglecting this part of your chemistry may cause many serious problems to arise.

The end of feeling crappy AND misunderstood!

Easily 80 percent of the women who come to Porter Wellness for hormone imbalance will finally express during consultation that they just feel crappy, and they have felt that way for a long time, even years. This ultimate expression has possibly been expressed and then brushed off in small ways here and there by partners or friends, but clearly not responded to.

While their stories have been told to their doctors, the only help that’s ever been offered has been medication to help them sleep, or some prescription that alters mood, or simply the notion that this is the way menopause is. Dr. Porter has seen this enough to know that the syndromes of hormonal depletion are not necessarily recognizable or understood until some gross expression of them in the form of disease manifests.

Occasionally a token effort of a hormone formula or medication is applied, and sometimes forms of estrogen replacement are helpful to suppress hot flashes. These are piecemeal responses to an inadequately approached and understood issue of overall hormone depletion. There is an alternative which we have successfully applied at Porter Wellness to many hundreds of women, and yes, men. Seeing and understanding the overwhelming and life depleting effects of hormone depletion has opened our eyes to the magnitude of this issue in our culture and society and more particularly in the well-being and lives of our individual patients.

Your Hormones: A Gift and A Curse

Your hormones are one of the prime regulatory mechanisms in your body. Our first hormone encounters are generally related to puberty. While hormones regulate the majority of chemical functions in the body, they don’t seem obvious on the surface until puberty. We then associate them with the body’s transition from childhood to adulthood. And in fact, these transitions maybe smooth and inconsequential or all degrees of rough and turbulent.

The next encounters with hormones in the body are seen around pregnancy in women. Some women experience difficulties getting pregnant or have difficult pregnancies once they are able to conceive. Hormone imbalance is the overwhelming culprit in these issues with fertility or comfortable pregnancies.

Lastly in middle and late adulthood, women experience menopause while men experience andropause. These stages of life bring about changes in body’s functions which may be severe or a nuisance as estrogen and testosterone levels naturally decrease.

Generally these middle life changes are more obvious women as the menstrual cycle diminishes and is accompanied by various symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, and mood swings. Clinical experience demonstrates that, women in particular, are experiencing perceivable changes and many more subliminal and depleting and complex effects throughout their bodies and their functions. In general, adequate hormone levels are vital to the literal dynamic energies of the brain and heart. They also are vital to the balancing mechanisms regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, heart dynamics, and energy. Not to the complex expression and experience of libido in both men and women.

While the hormonal changes in the body that we are most conscious of generally include hot flashes, weight gain, possible hair loss, sleep disorders, loss of energy, muscle wasting, and so on, the complexity of these changes demonstrates the serious nature of hormonal depletion. In treating many hundreds of hormonal depletion cases, Porter Wellness is convinced of the epidemic nature of this problem in our society and culture. Yet we are also very excited to see the natural, economical, simple resolution of the hormonal imbalance cases that we treat.

Hormone imbalance is most likely a matter of extremes of stress in a person’s life and/or the quality of their nutrition. Some of these imbalances may be genetic. While the causes may simply be qualified as life and living, we are excited to provide accountable, consumable, natural, harmless remedies for the resolution of what is a huge issue in our population, and the cause of much unnecessary suffering, particularly amongst women.

With wellness we successfully and healthfully resolve the problem of hormone imbalance with natural harmless remedies. Our approach gives patients a better option outside of the disease care in the US. Using muscle response testing, Dr. Porter has the expertise and tools to ask the questions that the body demands to discover and remedy this problem.

We ask the primary fundamental questions of every patient to include the natural functional presence and adequacy of their body’s hormones. And the body, the authority on you, will express itself and reveal its wants and needs in an exact nature. Knowing this, we are able to provide harmless, dynamic, proven remedies that the body will select in the exact amounts that it needs. With these simple, reliable remedies and their faithful application, we consistently see the restoration of our patients vitalities, thinking abilities, overall body energies, clarity of mind, resolution of aggravating symptoms, restoration of libido, improvement in sleep habits, and overall life performance.



Everything from feeling crappy to feeling better and wellness tools

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Everything from feeling crappy to feeling better and wellness tools

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