The High Cost of Disease Care

The High Cost of Disease Care

Economic Reasons to be Well

A patient whose wife is treating lymphoma, was commenting on the three hypodermic syringes of medication he was placing in his refrigerator for her treatment. They were (and this is true) $10K a piece! This is scary, absurd, and overwhelming. Heart bypasses are around $80K, coronary stents are about $24K and angiograms are about the same! Those three procedures account for about 43 percent of the incomes of the major hospitals, yet there is research proving that these surgeries are no better than if the patient had chosen life style modification.

Reviewing a local health insurance payment audit done for CDS reveals that the insurance paid $100K for a pacemaker placement. They were remarking that the pacemaker was marked up from its cost of $23K to $70K, and were sorry they hadn’t negotiated a probable $24K off the pacemaker price. Whoa! I know a troubled baby at birth can cost $250K or more. An acquaintance has been treating cancer for eight years and the insurance has paid over $800K to date! A single chemotherapy treatment runs $8K and up. If you enter the emergency room and they turn on the trauma response unit, it’s an automatic $5K.

A young acquaintance was taken from a car accident to the emergency room, and after many procedures including five CAT scans, they were released with a strained back diagnosis, $18K. How about dialysis ranging from $68K to $214K per year, or hip replacement at $55K. Three hundred and fifty thousand hips are replaced each year in the US. Note that this surgery is $7,500 in India, where many complex but fine surgeries are performed at 10 to 20 percent of the US price. What about just spending 100’s of dollars a month for a lifetime on medication? How about a simple family “Disease Insurance” policy for $12K per year.

It is absolutely staggering.

Prevention remains the only worthy consideration to avoid, where possible, the sinkhole of “modern American health care”. No, I mean “disease care”!
Who can take responsibility for your health and your body besides you? It leaves just this: Your life, your health, your choice!

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