How Remote Healing Works

How Remote Healing Works

Remote Healing

There are two major domains of science. The Newtonian linear domain accounts for all the things that you see around you and feel and perceive with the five senses. The Quantum physical realm consists primarily of everything else and is more than 99.9% of your universe. It is all the stuff you don’t see. Ultimately the finest definitions in science of “all stuff activity” acknowledge that it is all energy. The methods of encounters for the purposes of self-improvement or healing in the quantum realm fall under the broad heading of energy practices or healings.

That 99.9% of all things that is invisible to the naked eye, because it is energy, is accessible to us, as is the information and data about it, through methods of subtle energy detection. Subtle energy detection methodology has been used for centuries to discover the invisible. A most common form of subtle energy detection used in accessing information about the human body Muscle Testing, or Muscle Response Testing. It is derived from the science of Applied Kinesiology which originated in the 1960s in America. In the hands of sincere investigators, muscle response testing has shown up in all forms of energy healing as a tool to investigate and understand the human body and its functions and malfunctions as well as its desires and needs and methods for enhancing its performance. Muscle testing has many names, one which I recently saw is behavioral kinesthetic feedback. That is appropriately descriptive.

Because it is all energy, and exhibits the minutest sensitivity, the door is open for us to investigate any and all things by virtue of their existence as energy. The universe is a giant databank, a library of all energy information. When energy expresses itself or assembles itself into a form, such as a human body, that accumulation and form has certain specific characteristics identifying it as itself. They are all energetic, and identifiable energetically. If all things are represented by their own energetic formula, or signature, they can be examined by accessing that identifying energetic formula.

For example, in reference to the human body, or any “thing”, each has its own personal specific, identifiable code or formula. Information can be gleaned from the human form by interpreting the balance, or existence, of various energies in the body. Human bodies operate on a basic format and according to certain specific formulas and guidelines. Like a good functioning automobile, when all the parts are doing their proper job in coordination and integration with all the other parts, we have a good automobile. We analyze animate, such as humans, and inanimate objects, such as automobiles, with equipment designed to measure temperatures, accumulations of harmful material, electrical networks, whether things slide and glide properly, and so on. We can even X-ray both the animate and inanimate objects to learn something about their inner workings. X-ray of course is the utilization of energy phenomena to look within.

The mastery of muscle response testing are management of the skill and clear intention. The marvel of muscle testing is that as a tool, it’s primary limitation is the investigating mind of the practitioner. Muscle testing is simply a tool to ask questions about the unseen, commonly in reference to treating the human body to its betterment. While muscle response testing is the most expressive and demonstrative method of accessing information of the human form and function, other forms of assessment can provide the subtle information from the human body and also the energy field of all information.


All people at some time or other have had the experience of thinking of a friend or relative or acquaintance with whom they have had no contact for some time and having that person appear in their world within the next short time. This is simple intuition. What it means is that in some way via shared thoughts or accessing information from the universal databank of energy, one individual thinking of another individual connected energetically. This of course is an incidental experience, not done on purpose. Refining one’s intuition through practice and proper technique, it is possible to more specifically and deliberately look into the universal databank where all information is stored to access and process specific information. This is what intuitives and/or psychics do. It may show up as clairvoyance or clairaudience.

Using this phenomenon, a skilled practitioner, like Dr. Porter, access information about conditions and circumstances of other humans. This is the root of many forms of remote analysis of the human condition. Dr. Porter uses his highly trained and honed intuitive abilities to facilitate a patient’s healing of a physical ailment or to settle an anxious mind. It is key that the patient who is the receiver of this subtle energies is accepting of the phenomenon. The healing and guidance intuned may be welcomed or walled off by the willingness and attitude of the recipient.

By using muscle testing, Dr. Porter can ask your body limitless questions to uncover the truth and the remedy. The door is opened for the analysis of the form, function, process, abilities, performances, limitations, needs, etc. of the human body in its path to optimum performance and health.

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What is remote healing or remote analysis?

The first step is to obtain a health history or story regarding the patient’s personal issue. This is not always necessary to fully analyze the client. To the point of the fact that all is energy, and accessing the client’s energy field is the business at hand, the client history may only be a guidepost. The body exhibits numerous functions, in particular via muscle response testing, which reveal countless functions and behaviors and wants and needs of that being. In fact muscle testing can reveal:

  • Toxicity
  • Body chemistry and specific chemical needs
  • Digestion and assimilation
  • Organ function
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Mental and emotional states
  • Chakra energy balance
  • Acupuncture meridian function
  • Energy distribution throughout the body
  • Qualities and quantities of energy available in the body
  • Likes and dislikes of the body

Practitioners around the globe have generated techniques and protocols which have created pathways and opened the door for the comprehensive understanding of human function in health and disease. In fact, muscle response testing and other forms of testing like it are magnificent gifts for the analysis and management of the human condition, body, mind and spirit. The applications of the testing methodologies and various directions and outcomes of practitioners and patients are valuable beyond estimation.

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Who is this energy work appropriate for?

Clients seek Dr. Porter’s service in order to obtain natural, healthy alternatives for the restoration and maintenance of their health and well-being other than the standards of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, and toxic therapeutic remedies. And in many cases they simply cannot afford the standard cost of our American disease-care system.

These energy protocols open the door for a truly expansive exploration of the human form structurally, chemically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. For those interested in a truly holistic approach in their own self health and life management, the subtle energy alternative protocols derived from muscle response testing and its holistic friends offer pathways toward not only optimum health and disease prevention, but toward a richer, fuller, healthier life.

How does testing and analysis work?

Using the methods of detection provided by muscle response testing and body reading energy technology, a clients structural, chemical, and health and well-being functions and expressions are determined. In muscle testing this means that challenging the body via its muscle function, and reflex point function, we determine imbalances in the body.

If the muscle being tested is weak, it signals some form of communication imbalance in the body which may show up as an illness or malfunction. Using further techniques to scale or grade the body’s functions provides excellent guidance toward the management of the body functions and circumstances toward optimal function. The body may demonstrate that it would benefit from a structural adjustment, acupuncture treatment, vitamin nutritional therapy, a detoxification procedure, or guidance toward a specific exercise, or even an appropriate mantra for use in meditation.

Remote Analysis

Any and all of the energy information about each one of us, and in fact all things, is available in the universal databank, or perhaps, library. In some ways, resembling your experiences and mine with intuition, we can use muscle response testing as a tool to access and analyze information regarding clients who are not physically present. In years of Dr. Porter’s application of remote analysis, the only shortcoming may be the inability to affect a specific spinal adjustment or hands on body therapy which may be appropriate.

Why should I do remote analysis and management of my health and well-being?

Based on our personal needs and desires, we all want to GET better, BE better and STAY better. We begin by having a willingness to confront what may be uncomfortable or challenging to some part of our body, mind, or spirit. This is the fundamental motivation that drives us to seek any form of assistance for the betterment of our body mind or spirit. Remote analysis and input is just another form of available support, direction and guidance for anyone seeking help or guidance regarding their mind body or spirit.

If one is seeking a service or support that is unavailable to them conveniently, remote applications can be highly beneficial. They provide access when alternatives are otherwise not available. They provide information and opinion regarding one’s personal needs around their health and well-being which are not available in any other way. One sees this form of input often as a first, second or third opinion.

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