I Just Want Potato Chips!

I Just Want Potato Chips!

Dear Health Seeker: Industry lies, your body does not.

Your natural instincts and urges are the truth of your body, but the food industry has given you counterfeit solutions to satisfy your needs, leading you to poor health outcomes.

We assume that the food items at the local market are not only safe but good food because they are nicely packaged and marketed by reputable brands. Not so! Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and two-thirds of the life-ending diseases in the country are lifestyle (mostly diet) related.. But with a store full of choices, healthy and not-so-healthy, why do people constantly choose items that are health negative, fattening, toxic, calorie dense, or over-processed? In fact, I frequently contemplate this question as I stand in front of a late evening pantry shelf wondering what would taste good right now.

If it comes to taste and stimulus (my favorite reasons to snack) give me potato chips. Those crunchy, greasy, salty, artery clogging, tasty “bet-you-can’t-eat-just-one” potato chips. WHY do I choose these? It’s simple really. My body was created with urges for stimulus of taste and smell and sight and my physiology was created to demand certain fixes when I am hungry, also bored, depressed, anxious, tired and so on. If I am honest with myself and know my body, I recognize that I am using potato chips to respond to my perfectly natural urges for stimulus and food and energy! My body tells the truth with these natural urges, and if I listen to its desires I will satisfy them with the easiest, most interesting, tasty or stimulating thing I can find to eat.

I know. When I have these natural urges I could eat fruits or vegetables. Mom said if I was really hungry I could just eat an apple. No fun there when the chips are down (pun) and energy is low or mood is lousy. I NEED some stimulant food now! And guess who else knows what your natural urges are when you are tired, hungry, depressed, anxious, bored and, are going to drive you to eat a snack of some kind? Of course, the manufacturers of snack foods! They know that the average person will choose to satisfy their natural urge with junk food. People will choose junk food over exercise, going to bed when tired, meditating when stressed, or any of a number of healthy remedies for their current, natural physiologic urges.

Yes there are natural urges that are satisfiable with natural food. They might be sweet vegetables or fruits when low on energy. Fat cravings can be handled naturally with some meats, with nuts or vegetable oil dressings. And, if you are just plain tired, amp up your general protein intake and get to bed at reasonable hours. Don’t be a pawn for profits for the junk food industry because that leads you to miserable times in the future as a profit center of the medical industry. Don’t guilt yourself over junk food. Just get educated and don’t buy the high-stimulus, low- nutrient junk foods. Let those folks find meaningful work elsewhere.

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