Manage Your Health Now or Manage Your Disease Later

Manage Your Health Now or Manage Your Disease Later

Make Health Management a Priority

You and I have a problem. The system of healthcare, more correctly called disease care, is a linear, profit-based corporate business. It only exists to serve you if you have an identifiable disease for which it creates an intervention of drugs, surgery, or toxic protocol, which creates a profit for the industry. The diseases that it treats are identified for the purposes of insurance coverage in the so-called management of cost. This is not right or wrong, it just is. Stated again, to get help for your own disease care you are required to have an identifiable, diagnosable health problem which is listed in the diagnostic formularies and approved for insurance coverage.

There exists in this disease care industry little to no help, guidance or support for the issues of malfunction in your body that lead you forward in your life such that you will ultimately have the identifiable disease that will be treated by the disease care industry. That is, our culture and its “disease care” system offer little if anything for the prevention of full blown disease.

If, like me, you’re not interested in experiencing the outcomes of the standard American diet and the standard American lifestyle which include chronic inflammatory diseases, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders, cancer, then you are interested in managing your health now rather than treating your disease later.

If you, like me, are truly interested in the prevention of disease and the optimization of your life and lifestyle and thus the enjoyment of your life to its fullest then the work we do at Porter Wellness is for you.

I practice remote analysis and care primarily to serve my own patient base and my family. Yet I am profoundly aware of needs locally and beyond in the global community. I studied many protocols and teachers and adopted toward the end of optimal service to my own clients the technologies and applications and products that deliver results dependably, safely, and at reasonable cost. I’m referred to as a “head person”, which means I deeply study things to understand and use them. I am devotedly utilitarian, and I am not tied to brands or gurus or protocols which are of little service to you and me. That means that if something works to accomplish an end and causes no harm, it may be useful. It can most honestly be said that these works that I do and protocols that I practice and technologies that I have adopted must first and foremost serve my health and well-being.

Ultimately then what serves me can serve you. I hold to the notion that what is good for me is good for you and vice versa. I am quite conservative, thus seeking always to minimize effort and expense for you and me. My own habit and humanity are distinctly reflected in my output honoring the physician’s code to do no harm. I am eclectic reflecting my utilitarian nature seeking and applying any and all tools which are efficacious toward the ends of my client’s joy, health and success.

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