Managing and Measuring Your Wellness

Managing and Measuring Your Wellness

Evaluate Function via Muscle Testing

The management of conditions in the human body requires some method of measurement, or assessment, so practitioners can determine whether or not a person’s health is progressing. Measurements of physical health include blood pressure, blood chemistry, hard and soft tissue form and function, direct eye observation, weight, volume, and more.

Energetically, the body and its functions may be measured using subtle electrical change, such as electrical measurements of heart activity, brain activity, and the like. However, these measurements are often only pertinent after there has been enough change in the body to create disease. Plus, even if these measurements appear abnormal, they may not reveal what is really wrong with a patient or their biology. It becomes too little, too late for the treatment of the health condition, and more important, the prevention of disease.

So, is there a way to learn about health conditions and prevent disease before it’s too late? Yes. Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is a method of evaluating the function and form of the human body. It accesses information regarding the body, revealing conditions and states of the body at any time. MRT can reveal imbalance and malfunction in the body before it is revealed in an ordinary medical investigation.

Coupled with scales of measurement associated with biomass and/or the body, we may assess the body’s function at extremely subtle levels. Other parameters of energy testing use:

  • Homeopathic Bioenergetic scoring
  • Nutri-energetics assessment of the quantum electrodynamic field of the body
  • Logarithms as scales
  • Substance response
  • Energy response to color, tone, language, vocabulary, and all things energetic

These measurement possibilities open the door for investigation, assessment and even manipulation of anything one can measure. And if all things are ultimately energy, there is no limitation to what can be measured.

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