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There are often questions about the power of muscle testing and how it holds the body’s truth. In this section, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about muscle testing and how it reveals your body’s answers.


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The body is the authority because the body is the only one that knows all the things about itself in reference to itself. For instance, if one is suffering from fatigue, the body knows why. Through proper muscle testing, it is possible to learn in minutes the most likely cause(s) of fatigue, and in those same few minutes, to discern proper treatment to relieve the fatigue. And all of this without invasion of your body and with remarkably minimal expense and effort.

Also, in keeping with the body’s knowing its whole self, the body prioritizes its wants and needs such that the analyst looking at the body is not misled or diverted in attention to lesser concerns that the patient has. And muscle testing or muscle response testing of the body provides not only exposure of areas that are challenged or need attention, but it also exposes the bodies priorities and its preferred remedies. READ MORE


The source of the information is the non-local mind, or that energetic record of every energetic phenomena which has ever occurred. It is the great archive of all the stuff in the universe that has an energetic signature – and everything has its own signature. Likewise events have energetic signatures and their occurrence is forever recorded in the non-local mind.


Self-testing is dowsing. This popular method of discovery is quite old and used for limitless purposes of gathering and assessing information. It is used for agricultural work, such as discerning soil health, animal health and needs, etc. Dowsing is most familiarly used to find water, or minerals in the earth. Modern use has greatly increased for assessment of human circumstances in health, including body, mind and spirit.

Dowsing tools include pendulums, brass rods, stick plates, a host of devices that move or indicate change in response to specific intended questions, and most recently muscle testing. None of the dowsing tools and techniques work without a human being who is operating the device and guiding the search for whatever is wanted to be known. That operator is the antenna that receives the information that is registered by the device used to dowse. You can hang a pendulum from an inanimate stand and seek information with it all day long and it will not move. It needs be attached to the asker of the question. Muscle testing has eliminated the need for a device separate from the body to detect change, or response to questioning the non-local mind.

Muscle testing is a fascinating expression of the bodies’ reaction to the subtle shifts of the nervous system when the universe is tapped for information. It is especially valuable for discovering through body reflex and reaction how a body may be malfunctioning and what things, treatments or substances might alter its circumstances, or health. Many people now muscle test themselves in a variety of ways.


Many testers us a plate or other smooth surface to dowse called a stick plate. This simple technique is doable by anyone, and faster and less cumbersome than muscle testing, pendulums, etc. When the body shifts in the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic, or excite to relax, there is a change in the galvanic skin response which is accompanied by an actual change in the skins moisture and electrical flow. This science is the root of lie detector testing.

This skin change is detectable if one softly rubs a smooth surface with the fingers. Do this while thinking or saying “yes” alternating with “no”. You will soon discover that the skin actually “sticks” a little when shifting from one word to another. Commonly, the stick occurs on the word no. Usually a muscle tests weak to the “no”, and a pendulum swings one way for yes and the other way for no. Keep rubbing and practicing by saying yes and no, or saying my name is “tada” which is true, and “lada” which is false. The false statement should cause a stick.  This technique works well rubbing the fingers of one hand in the palm of the other, the palm being the stick plate.

You may finally get the stick to occur by rubbing the thumb against the finger of the same hand and get a stick, eliminating all tools and operating with just one hand. It is easiest just to start with the two fingers. Keep working until you get a stick that responds consistently. Practice all the time.

Begin asking questions of the non-local mind, which can be answered yes or no, and test and try your skill. Do this a lot. Test the compatibility of substances for your body. Touch a bottle of soda pop with the free hand while rubbing the stick plate and see what happens. Toxic substances will cause a stick of the free rubbing fingers. Think of a person you know to be toxic to you while you rub, you should get a stick if that person really energetically effects you in a negative way.


Your body is the absolute authority on itself. To understand what is happening in the body in any way requires an holistic methodology of interrogation of the body and its functions. Western medicine uses tools such as blood panels, symptom reports, physical examination, Radiology and the like. These tools of analysis do not utilize the holistic reference of all the body and it’s personal functions and expressions.

Dr. Porter applies the tool of muscle response testing, MRT, which allows him to specifically inquire of the body, through its reflexes and the performance of its natural muscle energy response, specific information about how things are working in the body. Muscle testing reveals information about structure, neurology, chemistry, function, etc. Because all of the body and its performances are expressed and operational via energy frequency and resonance, even the bodies psychological states may be investigated.

It is truly amazing. Muscle response testing can reveal structural misalignments in the spine and joints. It can reveal functional deficiencies in chemistries of the body or the status of digestion or toxicity or endurance. And it opens the door for study of any and all forms of the integration of the bodies parts and functions.
Another thing that is wonderful about this form of analysis is that it references itself to the whole body, allowing the doctor to interpret whether a specific imbalance is due to condition locally or systemically. Relationships of all body parts and functions demand integration for whole, healthy function. MRT interprets the body information in reference to its entire self, thus it can be called truly holistic analysis. The application of MRT, Muscle Response Testing may be called “energy medicine” leading to holistic analysis and application of remedies.


You can muscle test as frequently as you would like. The more you self-muscle test, the better you will get at reading the yes and no of the body. Muscle testing takes lots of dedication and practice.

We urge caution in its use however, as the testing is no more reliable than the tester, and that person may be subject to many influences not the least of which is a lack of knowledge or skill acquired with practice. Yet for the individual learning to evaluate himself these are great tools to help one master the self.


It is important to understand that it is all energy. And these forms of energy may be therapeutically applied in large or small doses to achieve larger or smaller effects.

In contemporary culture the terms “energy medicine“ infer what might be called “subtle energy” therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, sound and light therapies. These are a few of many in a field of forms and applications of energies utilized toward the achievement or refinement of health.
In Dr. Porter’s experience, one is most readily served by first waking up to their body, becoming familiar with its forms and functions and learning to differentiate normal from abnormal. Wherever possible I believe it necessary to investigate signs and symptoms which seem out of accord with normal or which are disturbing to one’s form or function or peace of mind. Based upon the severity of the disorder or just comfort, or simple worry or concern, Porter Wellness promotes that one should begin investigation and or treatment with the most holistic, natural methods possible. If these are subtle forms of so-called “energy medicine“, all the better.

Recognizing that all forms of intervention or management of one’s health and well-being are energies, it’s always best to start small and subtle. As one moves from something such as food as a natural remedy, or diet manipulation or exercise as natural remedies, these being forms of chemical and mechanical therapy energies, it is advisable and desirable to begin with the natural, simple, holistic approach. If these approaches do not satisfy the needs and wants of the individual , they might level up to investigations of health interventions which may involve more intense energy’s such as drug therapies or other Western medical remedies.

A discussion of the subject of energy medicine may be helpful toward a refinement of choices the individual has regarding his success seeking and maintaining good health. Energies of all forms have extremes of manifestation from fine and subtle, and from minute to colossal and powerful in both expression and effect.
Your body, it’s life and all its functions and performances are the expressions of energies. If everything is energy, then all Western medicine/disease care is energy medicine.

The forms of the energy include chemical, mechanical, nuclear, and forms of kinetic energy including thermal and motion and sound plus forms of electrical energy or electromagnetic radiation. These forms of energy are used in the medicine that we see practiced in the western world. This might be called Newtonian linear science medicine, consisting of material acts such as surgeries and material substances such as drugs, or radiation etc. used to manipulate the laboratory of the human body, or more accurately the laboratory and/or experimental animal of the human body.

One cultural perception of energy medicine is that it consists of the subtle energies such as light and sound or acupuncture or homeopathy or the laying on of hands. If it is all of energy and in it’s many forms it is used in life and living and in the treatment of disease and maintenance of health, how are you now using these energies?

You may be applying thermal energy such as a hot or cold pack. You may be using and enjoying radiant energy such as sunbathing. You might be exploring the utilization of the more subtle energies which could be found in a pristine scene of nature which could include fresh air as aromatherapy, the sounds of nature, such as birds, emitting sound therapy accompanied by the sunshine as thermal and light therapy and the colors of sky and forest as color therapy’s. These are all energies which may be utilized in positive therapeutic fashion or which in the extremes of exposure might be harmful.

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