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Meet the founder of Porter Wellness, Dr. Clyde Porter

Dr. Clyde Porter

Dr. Clyde Porter has practiced the natural healing arts since 1977. He has ingeniously used the tools of Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing, as well as Bioenergetic testing to successfully help thousands of men, women and children achieve health naturally.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Logan College of Chiropractic. Dr. Porter is one of only a few hundred certified practitioners of the Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness. Brimhall is grounded in the comprehensive care of humanity using a variety of expertise in assessment of structure, nutrition, emotional stress, detoxification, allergy and sensitivity, and environmental challenge.

Dr. Porter prefers and delivers soft touch Chiropractic. He is an expert in Applied Kinesiology and Body Energy technology. These tools enable his success with patients in treating a host of conditions including learning disorders as well as human performance problems, general health conditions of the body, its structure, chemistry and mental emotional states. Additionally Dr. Porter is highly successful in conquering allergies for patients and helping women to balance hormones. He will see to your health needs effectively and with a goal to keep you in peak condition with minimal effort, time and money.

Dr. Porter developed Dynamic Response Integration and the JAWSTRETCH Performance Integration Protocol. Additionally he has performed research in learning disorders, athletic performance, chronic degenerative disease (aging), breast health, and human neurological disorganization. His book, Top Golf, focuses on the achievement of top athletic and human performance. He has authored numerous other health related articles.

As chairman of the nonprofit Institute of Human Achievement Technology he has designed and performed research with U.S. Naval Aviators, professional golfers, gymnasts and learning disabled children. Hundreds of children have benefited from his free clinics.

Dr. Porter’s focus on the patient’s whole health needs, rather than just their hurts, assures that patients are guided effectively to any of the appropriate solutions to enable their future well-being.


What Are People Saying About Porter Wellness

Dr. Porter has changed my life! When I first saw Dr. Porter I just wanted the horrible pain I was experiencing to stop. Never did I expect him to conquer my hot flashes, my low energy, my stomach problems, my confused mental state, as well as my physical pain. Today I walk tall and with no pain! Within the first couple days I felt substantial improvement. Now three months later I have no pain, lots of energy, no hot flashes, and mental clarity. I Thank God that I found Dr. Porter; he saved my life!


I began seeing Dr. Porter regularly more than three years ago. I was tired all the time and depressed. I didn’t have the energy to live the life I wanted. My goal was to get healthy and stop taking anti-depressants. Dr. Porter saw me every four weeks and gave me DSF and progesterone cream, along with other supplements.  I’ve been using them ever since.  I sleep so much better through the night.  I am no longer taking anti-depressants.  I feel like my “happy self” again.



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