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Porter Wellness Methodology

Porter Wellness is built on the premise that your body holds its own truth. Your body is a most perfect structure capable of immense healing if only unburdened. Dr. Porter works through muscle testing, JAWSTRECH, and movement to clear your unconscious mind so that information can flow freely through all your body’s structures. Call it holistic medicine, alternative medicine, or energy medicine, bottom line is the methodologies at Porter Wellness define the root of a patient’s issue and then uses non-invasive and natural remedies to restore and maintain health.

The cornerstone of the methodology at Porter Wellness is muscle response testing. Muscle response testing is an applied form of kinesiology and a method of evaluating the function and form of the human body. Muscle response testing, or simply muscle testing, accesses information regarding the body and reveals states of imbalance and malfunction before they are revealed in traditional medical tests, or before they show symptoms to the patient.

Dr. Porter is an expert in human function restoration. Using the 6 Steps to Wellness model he concentrates on restoring normal function. This is the simplest of truths. When the remarkable and intricately complex human organism is functioning normally it will resolve its own problems. The normal functioning body has no interference or resistance to its performance.

Other parameters of energy testing use homeopathic Bio-energetic Scoring, Nutri-energetics assessment of the quantum electrodynamic field of the body, logarithms as scales, substance response, energy response as well to color, tone, language, vocabulary, and literally all things energetic. These measurement possibilities open the door for investigation, assessment and even manipulation of anything one can measure.

We know that wellness care must incorporate all that you are. In decades of practice it is demonstrated that the majority of cases that we have treated benefit from these tools and this holistic approach because few problems are as simple as a misalignment of the spine, or a case of throat infection. You are more than pieces and parts, and your treatment will succeed most rapidly if we consider all of you structurally, chemically, emotionally, toxicity, allergy and electrical interference. And even more important, our ability to differentiate the cause of your problem and consider it beyond just bones allows us accurate diagnosis which guides accurate treatment.

There are no limitations to energy medicine because all things are ultimately energy – we just have to measure them in response to what is right for your body and your health.

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What Are People Saying About Porter Wellness

I struggled with sleep for months, trying sleeping pills and melatonin with little success. Dr. Porter asked my body all kinds of questions to see why I was not sleeping. His diagnosis ended up being that I was deficient in the vitamins provided by a high vegetable diet. I started eating salads and dramatically increased my vegetable intake and within the first week I was sleeping through the night on a regular basis.

Brett, Porter Wellness Patient

I was incredibly tired and run down and after exhaustive tests, my doctors could not provide any answers. I went to see Dr. Porter at the request of my daughter and he immediately diagnosed me with a severe potassium deficiency that was not allowing my body to absorb water. After a week on his potassium treatment, I had energy again and was no longer sleeping all day. It was a life saver!

Marcia, Porter Wellness Patient

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