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What Are People Saying About Porter Wellness

Dr. Porter has changed my life! When I first saw Dr. Porter I just wanted the horrible pain I was experiencing to stop. Never did I expect him to conquer my hot flashes, my low energy, my stomach problems, my confused mental state, as well as my physical pain. Today I walk tall and with no pain! Within the first couple days I felt substantial improvement. Now three months later I have no pain, lots of energy, no hot flashes, and mental clarity. I Thank God that I found Dr. Porter; he saved my life!

– Raynette

When I retired to Milford in 2007, I developed an excruciating case of sciatica in my right leg, making it hurt from hip to toe. I suffered with pain from June till the following February, when I paid my first visit to Dr. Porter. In the meantime, I had been seeing GPs in Susanville and taken quite a few pain and anti-inflammatory meds, none of which helped. After my first visit with Dr. Porter, I walked out of his exam room WITH NO PAIN AT ALL! One visit, and it was over, and I had been suffering for eight months! Until then, I couldn’t sleep, drive, sit in a chair, etc., comfortably and was in constant pain. Dr. Porter made it all better with no medications at all! He is my hero!

– Linda

The treatment that Dr. Porter gave me about a month ago has made me feel so much better.  My overall health has improved and I have lots more energy.  My reason for seeing Dr. Porter was to try and figure out why I have not been able to get pregnant and I am hopeful that with my vastly improved health and vitality that I will be able to start my family.

– Andrea

I have been using the TACSI JAWSTRETCH developed by Dr. Porter consistently for a couple of months and have experienced some profound changes as a result.  Although I’ve been doing jaw stretching exercises since I began seeing Dr. Porter three years ago, I began practicing the TACSI JAWSTRETCH protocol on a regular basis more recently after attending the Porter Wellness class series. When I go through the protocol I actually feel chemical and structural changes taking place in my brain. I have tried various techniques over the years, with varying degrees of success, but none have been as immediate and as thorough as the TACSI JAWSTRETCH technique in helping to release information stored in the illicit memory system and other parts of the body. I’m finally feeling some relief from various aches and pains I’ve been dealing with for years.

– Jaye

I struggled with sleep for months, trying sleeping pills and melatonin with little success. Dr. Porter asked my body all kinds of questions to see why I was not sleeping. His diagnosis ended up being that I was deficient in the vitamins provided by a high vegetable diet. I started eating salads and dramatically increased my vegetable intake and within the first week I was sleeping through the night on a regular basis.

– Brett

I came to Porter Wellness a year ago when I was exhausted, stressed and anxious from burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of myself. Dr. Porter helped me step back and refuel my reserves by paying attention to what my body needed, resting and taking DSF Formula. To balance my hormones he put me on Her Balance cream and to decrease swelling and improve mobility, caused by stress, had me take Fish Oil capsules. I had an exciting trip planned to visit another country in six months, but wasn’t sure I would be able to go because I was feeling so poorly. With the help of Porter Wellness, I regained health, energy and a positive attitude within six months. The trip to South Africa was a once in a lifetime! Thank you for believing in me and helping me to regain my life.

– Jennifer

Dr. Porter has changed my life! I went in to see him as a last hope for a stomach issue I was having. I have not had any problems with that since I have been going to Porter Wellness. In addition Dr. Porter integrated me which changed me in ways I can not completely explain. I am more focused now on everything that has meaning and can manage my stress in a much easier way. I am forever in debt to him for finally finding my true self.

– Craig

I have been a patient of Dr. Porter’s for 16 years. He has taken great care of my family over the years. A couple of years back I saw Dr. Porter regarding my hormones. I was just having the worst PMS – soreness, exhaustion, headaches, cramps, bad mood… Dr. Porter started me on an Adrenal supplement (DSF Formula) and progesterone cream (HerBalance cream). I began to use them regularly as instructed and it wasn’t long before all symptoms had disappeared.

– Sierra

As an engineer and a scientist, and also as one heavily involved in the biopharma industry, I will state that western medicine is frequently geared towards a “treat” mentality rather than a “prevent” mentality. Dr. Porter employs a nice mix of both. I particularly like the conversations I can have with Dr. Porter. I do not get any of the condescending attitudes, he actually speaks to me and not at me, and there is no subject that is off limits – very open minded. Some might consider his approach a bit unorthodox, but to quote Gerry Spence “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief”. So before one blindly follows western medicines advice regarding potential issues and potential treatments, I would recommend seeing Dr. Porter. He may well have some interesting insights that can help steer someone in a different direction. I have also found that the supplements offered by Porter Wellness to be very reasonably priced. I did some research on some of the items he has recommended to me, and I could not do better on the cost. This tells me the items he recommends are for the benefit of the patients, and not the pocket book.

– Joel

I was convinced by my wife to visit Porter Wellness for a stomach disorder that is pretty much untreatable.  I must admit that I was skeptical of my visit but really didn’t have anything to lose. I just finished my sixth visit to Porter Wellness and my stomach has not missed a beat after starting Dr. Porter’s treatment plan. I have slowly realized a much more stable digestive order of things and I am very grateful for consistent success.  I also want to report that the “grapevine” exercises for my deteriorating hip have been very helpful to reduce he pain that is constantly there. When I am consistent with the exercises I am much more mobile with less pain.

– Doug

I began seeing Dr. Porter regularly more than three years ago. I had just been released from a psychiatric hospital after suffering from a manic episode. Leading up to that, I was tired all the time and depressed. I didn’t have the energy to live the life I wanted. My goal was to get healthy and stop taking anti-depressants. Dr. Porter saw me every four weeks and gave me DSF and progesterone cream, along with other supplements.  I’ve been using them ever since.  I sleep so much better through the night.  I am no longer taking anti-depressants.  I feel like my “happy self” again.  I love these supplements.  I will never miss a day taking them and if I forget, I can certainly tell.  I am so grateful for Dr. Porter’s help and expertise.  I shudder to think of how different my life would be if I hadn’t has his support.

– Genevieve

Without the help, expertise and guidance of Dr. Porter I never would have been able to conceive naturally. After months of trying and the threat of drugs to force ovulation, I went to see Dr. Porter. He balanced my hormones and found a gluten intolerance that was effecting my ovaries. He did this all through muscle testing and with no invasive therapies.

– Sarah

I was incredibly tired and run down and after exhaustive tests, my doctors could not provide any answers. I went to see Dr. Porter at the request of my daughter and he immediately diagnosed me with a severe potassium deficiency that was not allowing my body to absorb water. After a week on his potassium treatment, I had energy again and was no longer sleeping all day. It was a life saver!

– Marcia

After a difficult breakup with my fiancé and being unhappy at work, I was experiencing extreme anxiety and depression. I was given an anti-depressant, a sleep aid, Xanax and a referral to a psychiatrist. The anti-depressants worked intermittently for about 30 days. After that I was more hopeless than ever. The psychiatrist labeled me manic depressive after a 15 minute interview and $190. I didn’t feel better, and I never went back.

I went to see Dr. Porter on a recommendation of a friend. I felt in confident hands. I left my first appointment relieved just knowing he may help me. That very afternoon, I had greatly increased energy. Then it continued. The next day and the next, the energy never left. Mentally I felt light and clear headed. I have never really had another tired or depressed day since. I take DSF formula for my worn out adrenal glands, and leaky gut. When I was worried about going off the antidepressants, Dr. Porter tested me and suggested L-Theanine. I am completely amazed how much better I feel. But, mostly I am just grateful to Dr. Porter for helping me because I really had run out of options or hope for ever feeling great again, instead of just a sad, tired robot. Circumstances or interactions that used to send me into an emotional and depressive tail spin became completely manageable. The daily headaches I had are non-existent. I don’t have to spend every spare moment on the couch. Now I have the mental and physical energy to fill my day and enjoy it. Dr. Porter far exceeded any expectations I had of the results possible.

– Kim

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