JAWSTRETCH Exercise Protocol DVD


What is happening in your body?

Energetic trauma residues inhibit the flow of your body consciousness in the “living matrix” of your body’s connective tissue. Trauma residue may be chemical, structural, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. These energetic residues affect life experiences similar to the effects of your sub-conscious. They inhibit the achievement of full human potential. They hold one prisoner to the past. If this is happening to you then these could be the best spent 12 minutes of your life!

The TACSI™ Jawstretch™ Workout body movements and postures release the energetic residues of life traumas trapped in your living matrix. The 14 exercises on this DVD encounter and release the body consciousness residues of the nine personality Enneatypes and the five Reichian Character structures and more. They utilize principles of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and body-centered psychotherapy to release the residues of Trauma from the “living matrix” of the human body via the cranial-sacral mechanisms activated by your Jaw.

These 14 exercises and associated postures:

  • Get you Present in your body
  • Raise your Body Awareness
  • Unwind and open the body’s living matrix consciousness
  • Surrender blockages to healthy body matrix consciousness
  • Release a person to Evoke the highest expression of their humanity.
  • The exercises and postures are all performed incorporating the TACSI™ phenomenon of Temporomandibular Activated Cranial Sacral Integration.™

In 12 minutes a day this workout meets the challenges of:

  • Holding your Presence in every moment!
  • Maintaining your inner peace in the face of conflict!
  • Resolving your life issues and moving forward!

Dr. Clyde Porter D.C. – chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, author, and lecturer is the developer of the TACSI™ Jawstretch™ Workout and other Performance Integration protocols. He is certified in P-A-U-S-E Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP.

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