Testing Nutritional Supplements

Testing Nutritional Supplements

Vitamins – Are They all the Same?

Imagine you’re looking at six different brands of B vitamins on the shelf at the store. How do you know which one, or any one? Or, worse, your best friend won’t stop pestering you with some multi-level marketing product that will “change your life” (and his pocketbook). You can’t deny his Aunt Mary’s miracle with the stuff, but does that mean it will work for you? Are all brands of vitamins created equal?

No, they are not.

That bottle of vitamins you bought at the health food store may be a total waste of money and your best friend’s Aunty Mary might not even be real. But what’s worse is, you may be placing your confidence in low quality, inadequate junk. Yes, salesmen and scientists will argue that what is promised on the label of the bottle is delivered, and they do this with no proof but the naivete of we consumers who assume several things.

For example:

  1. The vitamin is delivered in a form my body can use.
  2. The nutrient or vitamin is compatible with this (my) body.
  3. My body needs this nutrient/vitamin.
  4. The recommended amount on the bottle is how much my body needs.
  5. This nutrient will create balance, improvement, or some form of good for my body.
  6. There has been scientific proof that this vitamin delivers nutrients which will help me with specific problems or in preventing certain conditions.

We live on assumptions that a for-profit industry is truly selling us the best. We all want good health and to live good, long life and we all want to have more energy to do things. And on top of all that, we all want want these things easy, inexpensive, and without any sacrifice. My 30+ years of testing vitamins for quality, desirability by the body, and appropriate dosage has proven that we cannot count on for-profit industry to take proper care of us. We cannot assume anything about vitamins we take from a bottle.

But there is hope. You can escape this guessing game.

How is it possible to take away the guesswork?

It all has to do with energy. Using energetic tools of measurement we can evaluate the quality of any substance we want to put in our body. We can assess the need and desire our body has for the substance. We can determine proper amounts of the chosen substance. We can determine compatibility of the substances with all other factors of our health, i.e. exercise and diet.

Vitamins, nutrition in supplement form, can be expensive. In our culture, our food is often highly processed and our environment (where our food grows) contaminated with an endless list of chemicals that befoul the body. In order to achieve our highest good, the highest potential for our body’s health, we are in need of supplementation.

When it comes to vitamins, all you need is the answer to three questions: Is it good, is it good for me and if so, how much do I need?
We will help you answer these questions, so you in turn can answer one final question: what can I do to enable an energetic and fulfilling long life?

Your Custom Supplement Testing
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