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Wellness Tools

Our goal at Porter Wellness is to have you Get Well. Be Well. Stay Well. Dr. Porter has compiled and created several tools to help you on your path to wellness. We offer a range of tools from Dr. Porter’s groundbreaking JAWSTRETCH Exercise protocol, which unlocks the body’s living matrix, to proven supplements that are energetically tested for their effectiveness. Current patients can enjoy ordering their supplements from the comfort of their home. For new patients, we encourage you to get an assessment so Dr. Porter can create a tailored treatment plan.


Everything from feeling crappy to feeling better and wellness tools

Clearing Mind and Body

The Mind Body Connection is the Key to Health

Each person has two consciousness, one of the mind, and the second one of the connective tissue substance of the body, the living matrix, the seat of body consciousness. At Porter Wellness, we believe in the Connective Tissue Matrix. This is how your body knows all of itself.



Everything from feeling crappy to feeling better and wellness tools


Helping You Find Fuel Through Energy Testing

Because food is energy, with its own signature of quality, and because you are energy, with your own signatures of need and qualification for foods, the satisfaction of your needs by the food is measurable because of the energy signatures of you and the food. It is possible to select your appropriate foods by how they measure energetically for your body. It is also possible to measure the foods energy that it can deliver to your body.



Everything from feeling crappy to feeling better and wellness tools

Health Independence

Wellness Creates Health Independence

For more than 30 years, Dr. Porter has been treating the patients of Porter Wellness. His ultimate goal is that patients achieve a sense of health independence. This can come in many forms. For many, it is living without medications, for others it is moving without pain, and still for others it is living without the need for constant rest and rehabilitation.

It is no accident that the name of this practice is Porter Wellness. We focus on wellness in everything we do, and we are passionate about giving our patients the keys to wellness.


“I wish I had known about Porter Wellness sooner! I wasted so much time in doctors offices and being put through expensive and painful tests that all just lead to more medication. I have been seeing Dr. Porter for almost a year now and I have never felt better! I’ve been able to drop all of my prescription meds by changing my lifestyle according to his treatment, and truly feel that I’ve got a second chance with my health.” – Nancy

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