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Clearing Mind and Body

The Mind Body Connection is the Key to Health

Each person has two consciousness, one of the mind, and the second one of the connective tissue substance of the body, the living matrix, the seat of body consciousness. At Porter Wellness, we believe in the Connective Tissue Matrix. This is how your body knows all of itself.

Your body is a web-like network of interconnected fibers of connective tissue. All the organs of your body are an interlaced fabric of connective tissue molecules, fibers, strands and connectors – all of this is connective tissue. Connective tissue is continuous, forming an unbroken whole, without interruption – sharing boundaries and touching itself everywhere.  The overall premise is that your entire body is in touch with its entire self.

The mind body connection only perpetuates this philosophy.

Your mind controls your body, and how your body feels influences your mind. By creating clarity and rhythm in both you can create an optimal space for your whole body to thrive.

Physicist Mae Won-Ho has explored the fact that all the connective tissue is surrounded by water molecules, even in its finest divisions. These molecules are called “dipolar”, because there is a positive and negative side to each molecule. This creates an attraction/repulsion mechanism that allows the molecules to surround all the connective tissue with positive and negative charges.

The shifting charges around these connective tissue molecules can change the way information is transmitted to any place in the body. The information uses the continuous matrix of connective tissue as a superhighway for the body’s communication. And it is known that this communication is nearly instantaneous, much faster than nerve transmissions.

Muscle testing consistently demonstrates that thought can affect body reactivity. And even the nerves and the nervous system are made up of this connective tissue. This means the mind and the body can know all of its experience all of the time.

These experiences, in particular traumatic experiences, appear at times to leave a memory in this connective tissue matrix. These memories of trauma seem generally to be processed and let go, but it is found through muscle testing, and other forms of subtle energy testing, that these traumatic memories may remain in some form. They are pieces of the body’s “unfinished business”. These remnants, or residues of traumatic events may alter and affect the transmission of further body communication over the connective tissue matrix until the body is able to release them.

They also appear to influence many forms of body performance when released or deactivated. Often the patient is not even aware of how the trauma has impeded them physically, but once that veil is lifted through muscle testing, their body and health improve.

In studying the phenomena of acupuncture, the effects of body centered integration therapies such as Rolfing, massage therapy, body centered psychology and many other therapeutic approaches, it is clear that tools which access the living matrix may be very helpful in resolving human imbalance. It is shown through muscle testing that the body’s traumatic residues, those historical memories of trauma in the living matrix, can be accessed and managed through the JAWSTRETCH™, also called TACSI™, Temporomandibular Activated Cranial Sacral Integration. The JAWSTRETCH™ is an alternative therapy to clear mind and body and allow the free flow of information to the connective tissue matrix.

Cranial Sacral therapy studies and applications have shown the energetic/mechanical relationships between the skull and its support systems and the sacral mechanisms of the human body. Muscle testing has demonstrated the connective tissue matrix of the body is continuous and contiguous in its self-representations. The appropriate application of a full jaw stretch can be shown to activate and open the system for the release the energetic imprints of traumatic memory in the body’s living matrix.


JAWSTRETCH™ Exercise Protocol DVD

Energize the BodyJAWSTRETCH DVD
The JAWSTRETCH™ Exercise Protocol is different than any therapy you have experienced. Performing the exercises is excellent for energizing the body as well asincreasing mobility and strength.


The JAWSTRETCH™ “Heart Charge” Protocol

Heart Charge - Porter WellnessAccess the human stress repsponse
The Protocol combines factors of the JAWSTRETCH™ relationship to the cranial-sacral mechanisms. By combining body movement, stretching, and eye movement, this protocol gives access to the entire brain and body.

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Muscle Testing

All things are energy
Muscle Testing to Access and Interrogate the Body’s Authority.



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Clearing Mind and Body

Clearing Mind and Body



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