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The JAWSTRETCH™ Heart Charge protocol is a primary tool accessing and modulating human stress response. The Fourth, or Heart Chakra, which is essentially housed in the chest cavity, is an energetic blender of man’s life and living. Love and laughter and longing along with life-filtering, in great part take place in this chakra. When life’s business and experiences go unfinished or are incompletely processed, they accumulate in the Heart Chakra energetically. That unfinished business can interfere with the expression and performance of the human mind, body and spirit. The purpose of the Heart Charge Protocol is to allow the completion of snagged life information flow.

Utilization of this exercise may cause emotional release and integration as well as relief from anxiety. It may generate pleasant effects such as grounding of the body and activation of the mind with greater clarity and peace. Its effects can be immediate. It can be completed in 10 to 30 seconds and performed as often as needed.

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The JAWSTRETCH™ Exercise Protocol is different than any therapy you have experienced. Performing the exercises is excellent for energizing the body as well asincreasing mobility and strength.

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“Doing the Heart Charge protocol gave me more energy, cleared my head, and helped me feel less anxiety. I do it anytime I need to re-energize myself.” – Jennifer

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