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Health Independence

A Lifestyle of Wellness Creates Health Independence

For more than 30 years, Dr. Porter has been treating the patients of Porter Wellness. His ultimate goal is that patients achieve a sense of health independence. This can come in many forms. For many, it is living without medications, for others it is moving without pain, and still for others it is living without the need for constant rest and rehabilitation.

It is no accident that the name of this practice is Porter Wellness. We focus on wellness in everything we do, and we are passionate about giving our patients the keys to wellness.

Get Well.

It all starts with an in-person or remote assessment to understand what is going on with your body and creating a custom treatment plan to get you well.

Be Well.

Dr. Porter has created the JAWSTRETCH Exercise Protocol designed to energize the body and clear all neurological pathways to let information flow freely throughout the body. Additionally, he has created the JAWSTRETCH Heart Charge Protocol. This exercise may cause emotional release and integration as well as relief from anxiety. It may generate pleasant effects such as grounding of the body and activation of the mind with greater clarity and peace. Its effects can be immediate. It can be completed in 10 to 30 seconds and performed as often as needed.

Stay Well.

On a regular basis, Dr. Porter leads seminars designed as integrated therapies to help you find and keep your ultimate wellness so you may achieve whatever health independence means for you.


Upcoming Classes

Gain the Wisdom of Porter Wellness
See a full list of upcoming classes to help you Get Well. Stay Well. Be Well. on your journey to health independence.

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Online Seminars

The Power of Wellness in the Comfort of Your Home
Dr. Porter provides the opportunity to attend an upcoming online seminar or view archives of past seminars with topics ranging from self muscle testing to spiritual consciousness.

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Clearing Mind and Body

Clearing Mind and Body



Health Independence

Health Independence

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