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The Porter Index: Helping You Find Fuel Through Energy Testing

You are energy, all your food is energy, which your body converts to your life and function. You assume that that food is serving you to your perfect needs. Your perfect needs are defined by your body. Perfect, whole food will be “energetically appropriate” food serving your life needs. You assume that the food you consume is serving you thus, perfectly. Assume, based on your not being sick or otherwise disabled by the food.

Is the food you buy and consume the best quality for your health and well being? How do you know?

There are some foods that feed and satisfy you better than others. They are likely more compatible given your body needs. And they are being turned into the energy and substance that makes your body and makes it work. Why are some foods better for you than others? Blood type, oxidation type, activity level, digestive ability, are all determinants of how your body uses specific foods.

But there is something CRITICALLY more for you to know.

Because food is energy, with its own signature of quality, and because you are energy, with your own signatures of need and qualification for foods, the satisfaction of your needs by the food is measurable because of the energy signatures of you and the food. It is possible to select your appropriate foods by how they measure energetically for your body. It is also possible to measure the foods energy that it can deliver to your body.

Through our energy testing, you can know if the food you are eating will feed you to your optimal need. You can know that the food you consume is of greater or lesser quality based on the index of its vibrational energy signature. You do not have to assume that the food you select is quality and sufficient and right for your body. You do not have to assume that the food from the market shelf is adequate and nutritious. You do not have to eat your food with all faith and no knowledge of its quality or efficacy. The quality of your food is measurable, because it, like you, is vibrational energy.

Energy vibrates at certain frequencies which are specific and therefore defining of the element. All things and individual elements of things can be identified by their frequencies or how they vibrate. Whether things are clear and clean and pure, or mixed and degenerated and contaminated can be determined by assessing their vibrational frequencies. This vibrational integrity allows us to determine for ourselves the quality, compatibility and desirability of things for our personal consumption as food, or environmental engagement, or mental or spiritual consumption.

All food is energy, with its own measurable energy signature. This signature tells us the quality of the food and therefore its ability to feed you! Unfortunately the vast majority of the “food” sold in the market today is depleted, inadequate, and in all ways UNQUALIFIED to deliver the necessary nutrients to your body to maintain and insure your best, whole health. Happily, you can now end the victimhood of the assumptions you are required to make to select food for your well-being by having a custom assessment.


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