Your Assumptions are Killing You!

Your Assumptions are Killing You!

Don’t Assume – Know Through Testing

When you purchase a food item believing that it will feed you or satisfy a personal body need- if it is not based upon your direct experience as having satisfied your personal needs then you are acting on an assumption. And you are assuming it will satisfy that need again. When you purchase a vitamin, unless you have direct verifiable evidence that vitamin has previously delivered to you the effect which you are seeking from it, you are making an assumption. When you copy the behavior in food consumption, nutritional supplement consumption, brand consumption, exercise regime, or anything else that a friend or acquaintance or a magazine or other source refers you to, you are operating on an assumption that you will achieve the same outcomes in its utilization.

If you change your nutritional intake with a special diet, or nutrient, or vitamin, you might feel better. Unfortunately, that does not mean that the behavior was good for you. It only means you feel better, and you could feel better for many reasons including the simple effect of stimulation or reducing the amount you eat and unburdening your system, or any number of variable reasons. My point is this, you do not know the truth of anything for yourself except as your own lab rat responding to your own experimentation and interpreting the outcomes of your experiments with a rational intelligent process.

The human body is such an amazing phenomena, allowing for the innumerable experiments with various lifestyles, diets, vitamin pills, exercise regimes, and even thinking processes and philosophical pursuits. We run all these experiments because we assume that they will satisfy our wants and needs. In the decades of work with thousands of patients I can count on one hand the number of them who truly, intuitively know exactly what they need, when they need it, how much, and so on toward their own betterment.

This is not a fault!

Prior to the advent of a corporate, for profit food industry we had better options to choose whole foods that were unprocessed, fresh, and delivering what the body needs. Now, while we have access easily to real and appropriate foods, witness that the food industry delivers to our natural needs for energy the concentrated fats, sugars, salts and other stimuli that satisfy that natural urge.

Living by assumption regarding one’s own health needs would likely be very satisfactory in a world that was not overrun by unfriendly chemicals, questionable air-quality and water quality, freedom from electromagnetic forces surrounding us, access to truly organic and chemical free nutrition, and bombarded by information designed to influence us to consume products designed to appeal to our basic physiologic and psychological needs but which in truth are fabricated in a Newtonian linear science world on the pretense that someone really knows what’s good for the body and the mind of an individual.

Stop Assuming – Test!

We reasonably look at ourselves and judge our circumstances based upon our seeming sense of wellness, based upon freedom from pain and our ability to perform our activities of daily living as necessary, thinking all is well with us. In my decades of work with thousands of people it is quite clear that the human body, when appropriately asked, can reveal very specifically its wants and needs. The human body, when properly asked, reveals its shortages, shortcomings, wants and needs in very specific ways. And further, to our good, it will reveal with proper testing exactly how to satisfy those bodies wants and needs.

You don’t have to assume! Your body KNOWS! Ask it!

The purpose of using a reliable energetic body testing mechanism is to simply step beyond assumption. The human body is so very complex. It is estimated that the body is performing over 1 trillion reactions per second metabolically. The fundamental basis of Newtonian linear thinking is that the body is nothing more than pieces and parts to be understood as pieces and parts and treated as pieces and parts. The fundamental notion of the quantum physical approach to evaluating an understanding of a body’s wants and needs is that the body is the intelligence which incorporates all of its own information relative to its own self and is therefore able to discern its own needs and wants in the most intelligent holistic way.

Simply put, your body knows better its functions, needs, shortcomings, weaknesses, and how to satisfy them, then the scientist in the lab.

Furthermore, while the body is a most forgiving creation, we all witness that its pliability and elasticity and forgiveness diminishes with age. And while we ask this amazing body to sustain and maintain us while we experiment with every form of chemistry or exertion or overwhelm or depletion or deficiency or any form of incompatible challenge for the body – it has its limits.

Is there a simple answer to address the issue of living on assumption and by assumption and ultimately suffering due to the wrong assumptions? Yes there is. Trusting your body to tell the truth and relying upon a method of communicating with the body that will provide the information that you need to support and sustain your body’s wants and needs is the way through. And yes, the technology and its application are ultimately subjective. It is for this reason that I utilize tools to quantify the subjective and objective response of the bodies that I test.

What is ultimately accomplished with muscle response testing, or another testing method that energetically assesses the body’s true wants and needs, is that we may stop assuming. The huge number of variables which we must manage in the linear Newtonian world of disease care and human maintenance is overwhelming. With energetic testing the number of assumptions is reduced to a bare minimum, even just a few. Those assumptions include that your body is telling the truth when tested, and that the person doing the testing is also a clear and accurate practitioner.

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